I am Autistic

If you stumbled upon this site, welcome. If you are one of the few I have entrusted with the link to this site, welcome.

Hi. I’m Kitty St. Michel. I have just found out that I am autistic.

This blog is kind of to help me sort out and organize my feelings about all this. I have a lot of feelings about this and a lot of thoughts.

I am self-diagnosed. I have done the research for a long time, I’m not just choosing a trending label. Some of these posts will be sort of explanations of reasons why I believe I’m autistic. One day, I might want to try to get a doctor’s diagnosis and I will show them this site for examples. Or I might want to tell people who don’t believe me because I am bad at explaining things verbally– I work better through text.

In the end though, I don’t care whether or not other people agree with me. I know myself better than anyone else. And knowing that I am autistic has answered so many questions and in general, made me more self confident.

So if you’re here for the ride, welcome. Have a fidget cube. There will be special interest ramblings later (you get to hear all about my obsessions, lucky you!!!).

Autistically yours,

Kitty, the Book Dragon

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